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The Short Explanation of
How our Women's Product Works

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1. Women have Testosterone too.
      DHT kills hair follicles and causes Androgenetic alopecia, the
        cause behind 90% of women's hair loss.

 OUR SOLUTION: Hair Renew for Women stops the negative effects of DHT, the bi-product of the male hormone testosterone (that women produce in lesser amounts.)  DHT is the primary cause of why 20 million U.S. women lose their hair. In simple terms, it suffocates the follicle by causing it to grow thinner and thinner until it dies and is replaced by scar tissue.  Hair Renew for Women stops DHT at the source by using a combination of Saw Palmetto and Nettles extracts.  These ingredients prevent DHT from binding to hair follicle receptors.  Once the effects of DHT are reduced hair follicles are able to begin growing strong, healthy hair once again.
2. Hormone Levels Fluctuate
         Post childbirth and menopause are contributing reasons for
         the cause of female hair loss.
  OUR SOLUTION: For many women after childbirth or menopause, a diffuse overall hair loss occurs (as opposed to a bald spot for men).  This is because of a fluctuation in hormones where testosterone becomes more prevalent than in a woman's youth.  DHT is a bi-product of testosterone that binds to genetically susceptible hairs, and (in simple terms) suffocates the follicle by causing it to grow thinner and thinner until it dies and scar tissue replaces it.  Hair Regain for Women uses Saw Palmetto and Nettles extracts to eliminate the production of DHT and allow hair follicles to regrow hair naturally.
3. Sebum Clogged Hair Follicles
         Years of hair care product residue and damage from
         man-made chemicals take their toll.

OUR SOLUTION: Women's hair loss is further exacerbated by scalp oil, skin cells, and hair-care product residue that solidify into deposits, clogging the scalp and preventing new hair growth. Bacteria thrive on such deposits and further damage the scalp's ability to produce healthy hair.  This leads to increased thinning and hair loss. Hair Renew for Women's follicle cleansing ingredients are chosen for their cleansing, exfoliating & antibacterial capacities.  Our essentials oil of Ylang Ylang helps normalize sebum (hair  oil) production, and stimulates the scalp to increase hair growth, as well as Zinc which has been shown to reduce sebum oil production. These herbal extracts remove damaging scalp deposits without using sulfates like other hair care products (sulfates are the primary ingredient in house floor cleaners). Once hair follicles are properly cleansed, new hair growth can begin.
4. Nutrient Deficient Follicles.
         Hair Renew uses all-natural Equisetum to provide amino
         acids, silica, and phytosterols to nutrient deficient follicles
         to encourage new hair growth.

OUR SOLUTION: Hair Renew for Women ensures that your follicles receive specific nutrients required for accelerated hair regrowth. Equisetum provides amino acids, silica, and phytosterols while Aloe Vera provides the building blocks for hair proteins.  Additionally, Hops possesses a nourishing oil that is both an effective hair conditioner and thickener, while its anti-inflammatory properties protect the scalp from environmental damage.  With properly nourished follicles that are no longer susceptible to the damaging effects of DHT, new hair growth may begin.

Hair Renew for Women was developed by Allen Parkinson, the inventor of Sleep-Eze (the first non-prescription sleeping pill.)  His goal was to create an all-natural treatment designed to accelerate hair regrowth without any side effects.  Twenty-five years of research led him to create a product specially designed for women who are experiencing a gradual loss of hair across their entire scalp.

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